Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I contact the firebees?

You can contact the firebees via twitter or our contact form.

How can I support the firebees?

You can support the firebees by sharing their fiery awesomeness with others. If by "support" you mean cash money, then you can donate to Julie.

Are you threatening to set people on fire?

<sarcasm> Yes. I am clearly threatening to set people on fire with my genetically engineered bees that can shoot fire out of their butts. </sarcasm>

No. I am not not threatening to set anyone on fire. This site contains a combination of fictional works, comics, and political cartoons. If you think this should be read literally, I have a news site to recommend to you.

Are you representing your employer or any organizations you are involved in here?


Seriously, I'm not. This is solo work having nothing to do with past, present, or future employers or organizations. I AM AN INDIVIDUAL. I AM NOT MY JOB. INSERT CRAPPY FIGHT CLUB REFERENCE HERE.

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